Boar Hunter

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The knives of the Boar Hunter series meet the requirements of everyone from the modern hunter to the functional interceptor. This knife may be necessary if the animal has been injured, for example, by a bad shot. The hunter can then release the animal quickly and safely for himself or herself and the environment, without using a firearm. It has a 25.9 cm / 10.2 inch long, hollow ground dagger blade and an ergonomic, glass fiber reinforced plastic handle. This knife is easy to disinfect.

The Boar Hunter is available in 3 handle colours and 3 blade colours.  The "Exclusive" blade is a highly polished professional steel blade.

The knife comes with either a leather or a Kydex sheath. The leather sheaths have a second pocket for a small flat knife or other flat tool. The second pocket is designed to hold the Para II knife. The Para II Knife can be purchased separately or with the Boar Hunter as part of the Hunter's Knife Set.  The set matches the two knives to form a pair that complement each other in same double sheath. 

The Kydex sheath can also be purchased separately. The Boar Hunter Kydex sheath has a single pocket for the Boar Hunter.  The Hunter's Knife Set version, called the "Waidbestek", has a second pocket for the Para II knife or similar flat knife or tool.


Overall length: 39.1 cm / 15.4 in

Blade: 25.9 cm / 10.2 in

Weight: 345 g / 12.2 oz

Steel: Eickhorn Professional

Overall Length: 39.1 cm / 15.4 in
Blade Length: 25.9 cm / 10.2 in
Weight: 345 g / 12.2 oz
Blade Steel: Böhler N695
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