KM 5000 Serrated

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In pure combat use, the dagger blade can still record clear advantages by their form. Thus, the penetration effect compared to conventional blades is much higher and the knife can be done in far more tactical maneuvers than a single-edged blade.

To protect against corrosion, the blade is has a black Kal-Gard coating. The striking element at the end of the handle was adapted to the scope as a weapon and pronounced in a highly pointed form. MOLLE or IDZ-adaptable Cordura / plastic-divider system.

Special features: In completely black design and smooth edges or serrated


The KM5000 is the latest adaption of the well proven KM2000 combat knife, but with a full dagger style blade. Offered in two versions: KEY FEATURES ● New dagger blade laser cut and CNC hollow ground ● Greater tactical operational flexibility ● Treated with non reflective black Kalgard finish for anti corrosion protection ● Fibreglass enforced synthetic cross guard ●  Polyamide sheath with strap fits all U.S. MOLLE and IDZ carrying systems of the German Bundeswehr ● Diamond blade sharpener

Total length: 30.2 cm/

Blade length: 17.2 cm /

Blade thickness: 5 mm /

Steel: 1.4110 stainless steel

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