SG 2000 NATO

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All new Original Eickhorn designed multi-purpose combat knife / bayonet fits German Bundeswehr G36 assault rifle.  the key features of this bayonet are: 55Si7 carbon steel blade, 30-degree angle of flexibility in either lateral direction without damage or fracture, half serrated blade for cutting through ropes, non-reflective and corrosion resistant Kalgard treatment protects blade and cross guard, fibreglass enforced synthetic handle and sheath, the handle's electrical resistance insulation protects to 10.000 volts, polyamide sheath with strap fits all U.S. MOLLE and IDZ (German Bundeswehr) carrying systems, and the sheath includes a Diamond blade sharpener

SG2000 WC version includes a wire cutter

The new SG2000WC-F has all the features of the SG2000 plus it fulfills, with its 5mm professional steel blade, the even more demanding specs for the French Army bayonet. If the bayonet is wedged in 1/3rd the length of the blade, and a weight of 80kgs is placed on the end of the handle the bayonet will neither break or be bent (on release)! And the new SG2000 WC-F comes with a new designed multi-functional belt system.

Overall length: 30.9 cm / 12.2 in

Blade length: 17.3 cm /  6.8 in

Blade thickness: 3.6 mm  /  .12 in  (5 mm /.2 in for the WC-F)

Weight: 320 g

Steel: 55Si7 (HRC 51-53)

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